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Tour of Ayrshire - Crono and Gran Frodo 29/30 April 17

sopworthsopworth Posts: 191
As this is local to me, I've entered the Gran Frodo - worked out £57.50 for an early bird entry.

I went out and did the first half of the route this morning and will get around to doing some more of the route in the coming weeks, aside from the long stretch up the A70 as I don't have a death wish. Having looked at the route from the Tour of Cambridge Gran Frodo, it certainly seems that this route is a lot more undulating - 4,400ft of climbing according to the route I did on Strava.

I know the roads fairly well around Kilmarnock and the Crono route is be quite tough for a TT and the first half will be a steady incline. I'm still undecided whether or not to do the Crono as I'm going to try and get in the top 25% of my A/G for the GF.

Anyone else planning on entering?


  • Loads of people from my Glasgow based club have, not me though.
  • I'm travelling up from Anglesey for a bit of rubbernecking and a selfie by the Moscow sign! :lol:
  • rob39rob39 Posts: 479
    I've entered as well plan on riding the route in a few weeks. Pretty undulating route, 3 biggish obstacles in Windy hill 1.13 miles 4.2% ave, Glaisnock (skares climb) 2.17 miles 3.10% ave and Academy Brae 1 mile 4.9% ave, but plenty of short sharp affairs in between. Know the roads reasonably well recently rode the Brave heart which covers this area. If the weather is against us its going to be a tough one. Hoping to get into the top 25% of my age group as well but not getting hung up over it in training. Sport 14 - 16 mph Age 45 -49
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