Turbo Trainer Vibration

gnave Posts: 65
Good Morning all,

I reside in a block of flats on the 4th floor. I recently borrowed a Turbo trainer from a friend of mine "Tacx Boster". connected it to Zwift and Trainerroad and having the time of my life. That Until I have seen this message on my building notice board.

"Can anyone else hear the vibrating noise in block 4/5 that only happens in the evening on weekdays and daytime on weekends?, The frequency of the noise goes up and down like a very noisy washing machine or similar. Perhaps I am going insane"

This particular neighbour is actually residing one floor below and across from my flat, the neighbours under my has yet to say anything.

I have put the trainer on some support wooden block and some soft sponge that is used for delivery of electrical equipment,(see attached image) but I guess it has no benefit what so ever.

Can anyone advise if a fluid trainer, or maybe the Wahoo kicker snap produce less vibration noise ?

Any other tips to resolve this