Find your Balancing Point

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  • Jayden wrote:
    The toughest element about studying to guide is to discover your balance point, most of the people when they first try and analyse either pull to little or too much. This either reasons the front end to drop immediately or the character landing on their back from pulling to difficult. A trick that actually helped me enhance my manualing was usually having 1 finger for your brake and while you're about to fall back to ways supply it a mild faucet.

    I also find that a finger up the faucet helps with front end drop and enhances my manual point... lol

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    Nurse, he's at it again.

    To the OP:- Please remember to take your meds, you are starting to irritate.
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    same garbage was posted on another site
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    It's Peter Sagan, cut him some slack
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    Am I right in thinking that the mods are cleaning up some "unusual" threads, by removing the original posts and just leaving the answers? If this is the case it isn't helping!!!
    I've not been on for a couple of days and I understand less threads than usual this morning!