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Planet X Shipping time

guy.spartacusguy.spartacus Posts: 321
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Morning all - anyone know if Planet X send an email when something is shipped?

Ordered something on 1 day delivery yesterday morning but haven't heard anything as yet. I was hoping to get it by the weekend.
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  • Ordered Wednesday about 3pm on 24 hour royal mail. Got home Thursday and it had arrived. No confirmation of order or dispatch.
  • Good news - thanks
    Road - '10 Giant Defy 3.5
    MTB - '05 Scott Yecora
    BMX - '04 Haro Nyquist R24 (don't judge me)
  • Since they started charging, they have become slower...
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  • Since they started charging, they have become slower...

    Probably because they have fewer staff around now....
  • Since they started charging, they have become slower...

    Probably because they have fewer staff around now....

    They don't seem to be popular with Royal Mail either... my parcel has been in the system 3 days already... I think it's the last time I buy from Planet X (bought some heavily discounted bibs)... quality is deteriorating and they seem to be limited to stocking junk these days
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  • I think what you have to appreciate at the moment is that with Black Friday weekend just finished the various postal / courier services will be a bit stretched.
  • Can this thread be merged with the Canyon delivery time thread


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  • Well having ordered late on I expected the 24 hours to run from the next day but it came within 24 hours by some time.

    I did just receive confirmation of the order this evening by email. After I'd received it and after the confirmation of the collection too. Seems they do things back to front a bit. Not complaining because I got the part almost a day earlier than expected.
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Hope they aren't using Yodel to deliver it :shock: I nearly suffered that fate with my last big order, needed a cheap chain so added a few tubes to make the carriage charge worthwhile. When ordering 9 it was a Yodel parcel, with 8 tubes it was a RM parcel, went with RM.
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  • MatthewfalleMatthewfalle Posts: 17,380
    P/X delivery has never been great, but it's better than the immediate change CRC had when bought by Wiggle: went from "next day immediate" to "well, sometime in the future, maybe a week, ten daysalthough we've sent you a mail to say that it's been desptached".

    Merlin are still the best even though they haven't got the stock of older (i.e. Last years colours at half the price) that CRC has.
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    De Sisti wrote:
    This is one of the silliest threads I've come across. :lol:

    Recognition at last Matthew, well done!, a justified honour :D
    smithy21 wrote:

    He's right you know.
  • Stuff arrived today.. I have to say the Flanders bib tights are very nice indeed for the money
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  • So far PX have been good for deliveries with me. Made my first CRC order and was also impressive. Same with Tredz.

    Don't know why but the retailers others moan about seem ok whenever I've used them. I wonder if the more people buy from a retailer there's more opportunities for a poor service/delivery. People are more likely to remember and mention poor service than good.
  • They delivered my bits on the 4th, 2 days after ordering - then received confirmation of order and delivery emails

    all good
    Road - '10 Giant Defy 3.5
    MTB - '05 Scott Yecora
    BMX - '04 Haro Nyquist R24 (don't judge me)
  • dinyulldinyull Posts: 2,979
    Haha, I've just had the same.

    New frame delivered yesterday, just got an email saying the item has been shipped 10 mins ago.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    My wiggle order had no haribo this week. Who do I complain to ?
  • andcpandcp Posts: 644
    Fenix wrote:
    My wiggle order had no haribo this week. Who do I complain to ?
    Wiggle. One of my orders arrived without Haribo so I emailed my displeasure (tongue in cheek) and they sent TWO packs separately ;)
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  • smoggystevesmoggysteve Posts: 2,909
    I ordered a large consignment a few months ago. Mainly bottles and a few other bits and pieces and it arrived within 24hrs. I doubt I would ever buy a bike from them but their service seems pretty decent to me. Certainly seen worse 'cough CRC cough'
  • Bought a bike from them. Build date given, delivery date given and met. Bike set up from the box with just the bars moved into position. Even the seat was set at the optimum height for me. I'd discussed my height with them when deciding the bike size, crank length, bar width and stem length. But they wouldn't have used that information to set the seat height? Their service wasn't that good by design, right? Lucky guess by the bike builder I guess.

    Just don't intend to buy.much more from them because of their dodgy furniture retailer style pricing. Don't trust retailers like that.
  • I got two Haribo in my delivery from CRC, part of the Wiggle group. Unfortunately my 3 year old found them before I did. Should I complain? They didn't supply in a child proof box so definitely their fault.
  • placed an order for delivery with on-one ( part of planet x ) and got my confirmation of order e-mail promptly.

    4 days on & still nothing else be it e-mail or items.

    logged in just now & my order is still showing as awaiting processing - will be picked shortly - previous orders with them went smooth, order, dispatched a day or two later at the most & arrived shortly after that as expected.

    its already put a halt on my plans for a bike from them next year - would have been ordered already if they had a buy now & collect when paid up option ( dont want finance & dont have the spare funds at present due to paying off my last 2 bikes still :D )
  • step83step83 Posts: 4,170
    Ordered recently some odds and ends, turned up promptly, unfortunately one of the items was totally wrong TT pads instead of a garmin mount, five minutes online chat had a Collect+ label mailed to me and a return auth. Cant really fault it.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    They seem to be a bit slow at the moment, but presumably endless sales of tat will do that.

    Mine had dispatched for a few days before RM showed it as enroute.

    I do like a bit of cheap tat, but it's nothing urgent.
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  • I've done two orders recently, I think the first was delivered on the sixth day (wheel said 3-4 days build time) and the second order arrived on the second day after ordering.
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  • now on day 8 since my order was placed.

    a day or 2 after my previous post my order status changed to In Picking & that it remained for a few days.

    it now says Order Complete & gives me a Tracking Reference number - this changed on day 7 after the order was placed.

    & as of yet the package remains in the hands of planet x as the courier has not yet taken possesion of the damned thing so looking like its going to be well into next week now before it gets to me ( if it ever gets to me as they are sending it via yodel so only time will tell if it will ever arrive - last time i ordered somat & it got sent by them they managed to loose said 47" telly in transit )

    this + the fact they closed my nearest store back in october for 'refurbishment' & its still shut ( & has now vanished from the website altogether ) defo means i will be spending my monies elsewhere on my next bike purchase i had planned for next year
  • finally my order has arrived - courier did not get hold of it till monday evening but it still arrived before midday today & its labelled up for 48 hour delivery & not 24/next day so well done to the yodel folks, they have redeemed themselfs a little after loosing my telly years ago lol.

    thankfully i ordered multiples of the summer gloves even though i was not sure on the sizing i needed as just checked to order some more as they fit fine & the beggers have put the price up by 4x what i paid :( ( would not have been impressed had i ordered just the 1 for sizing out only to find they shot the price up when i finally got my order )

    now my problem is one of storage, its a much bigger box than i was expecting lol
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Maybe take them out of the box?
  • :lol:

    true, but need to find some smaller boxes 1st ( most of this order is destined for the loft till needed - summer gloves aint much use at the minute but @ 50p a pair i may as well stock up ready for next year - the MANY puncture kits may be useful though seen as all the roads i commute on at the minute are having the hedges shredded with the tractor powered trimmer device thingy they use that throws shrubbery shrapnel everywhere :( )

    my mistake with this order was the cheap tyres ( wire bead ) ordered as spares for the old B.S.O i keep for sentimental reasons as this must have decided the box size, if i had not ordered them i think i would have been OK & not needed to box hunt to store the bits as the shipping box would have fit in the loft.
  • MoonbikerMoonbiker Posts: 1,706
    Weird as soon as i ordered a load of small bits & bobs prices all when up x4 times on the items I ordered.

    Theres prices seem to change daily so you have to pick the right day to order if you want a bargin, & the £100 cost before free postage means not worth ordering unless to order a load or stuff.
  • i used to love it when the barnsley store was open as they did free click & collect from store so i could collect small on a whim orders easy enough by just setting off to work earlier for a minor detour when it arrived instore ( done on many an occasion for the odd tool i was going to need soon or bargain pair of tyres etc but that option is a no go now ( the only other store showing now is still nearby in a way BUT postage is much cheaper than the fuel cost involved in getting to & from the store as i dont often go down as far as sheffield :( )

    i dont mind a shipping charge though on occasion ( like this order - £3.95 or whatever it was is reasonable enough considering the size of the box thats arrived - yes it grinds a little that near £60 order before shipping would have been free in most other online retailers ( normally £10 or £20 minimum etc - £50 for decathlon which is why i stopped shopping there as i very rarely went that high ) but those other retailers were not chucking out the stuff so dammed cheap so needs must lol

    the gloves have gone from 50p a set to £2 a set but the puncture patch sets have only risen from 75p to £1.49, cant even find much of the rest of the stuff i ordered on the site, but i have just noticed they have also put up the price of the bike i was eyeing up for next year too, it was £1700 down to £1500 when i 1st looked & now its up @ £1800 not discounted ( & i dont think the beggers do free delivery on bikes either )
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