Rollers - Major resistance issue

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Earlier on this year I dug out my Minoura 3" rollers. I had the band stretched around all three drums and understand this creates more resistance than around two. On saturdays I was doing low cadence big gear efforts and found that there was not enough resistance and couldnt keep my cadence down to 60rpm. Purchased a Minoura resistance unit its like a turbo bolted on my rollers. On the easiest setting my average speed has dropped from 17mph to 11mph with an average cadence of 82rpm. Spoke to Minoura they cant tell me how much resistance the set up is producing at speed and have not wanted to say much at all. I now have to use a 36T chainring last week I was using a 52T. Over the last four sessions I have found myself leaning on the wall and once recovered I start to pedal again. This is pretty much how I taught myself to use the rollers some years ago. In the past week I have not noticed any gains speed wise. I think I need to take off the resistance unit, my knees seem ok at present and I kinda like them where they are. I have purchased some earth magnets which are in the post and hope to use these for a little bit of resistance when required.

Is it likely that I will develop speed from persevering with my current roller set up?


  • What are you looking to improve? I personally do not improve my 'speed' by pushing big gears and low cadence, that is replicating climbing. I have found my 'speed' as you put it has improved with a 100-110 cadence using the Sufferfest Time Trial reps of 4/5mins, interlaced with 2.30min climb sections. Rollers are not really effective for power/strength gains per se in my opinion more core, pedal efficiency and cardo vascular improvements.

    I wouldn't advocate pushing big gears (grinding) given the stresses on joints coming from MTB from the late 80's and a roadie later....spinning the cranks has always been the better way for me to ride a road bike.
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    I think low rpm and big gears is a bit old school. 60 is the absolute lowest you should be going anyway and you'd be better off spinning and putting less strain on the legs.

    What plan are you following ?
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    This is the plan I am following It suggests that weights are used, but I would prefer to do my strength training on the bike