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Fox Float X2 vs BOS Kirk

razorjackrazorjack Posts: 93
edited December 2016 in MTB buying advice
I have Giant Reign 2016 w/ RS Monarch Plus R
and i want to upgrade my shock.
I have a choice of two shocks now (good deal on both): Fox Float X2 or BOS Kirk
Kirk will be tuned for my frame - there are 3 standard tunes, no need to tune Float X2.
which one will be better for aggressive rider ?


  • wrong answer :) coil probably is very good indeed, but i prefer jumpy feel of an air. did you try any of these shocks ?
  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    Coils are better for everything, including jumping. Air shock don't respond as well to heavier landings and aren't as good when boosting bigger jumps. The Reign works really well with a coil.
    Of those two, the Float X2 because of spares availability, better UK backup and more places to get it serviced.
    There's nothing in it for performance so it's the things I those other things which would decide it for me.
  • poahpoah Posts: 3,369
    razorjack wrote:
    wrong answer :) coil probably is very good indeed, but i prefer jumpy feel of an air. did you try any of these shocks ?

    I wouldn't buy BOS as they lack any sort of customer service back up and I wouldn't buy the X2 cause its air and frankly too expensive.

    I take it you've actually run a coil shock before then?
  • i have a coil shock on my DH bike (Vivid), but didn't ride a coil on enduro bike,
    i know these shocks are expensive but i can have them in about half of a retail price. (BOS - new, X2 - almost new)
    (so cheaper than new DBCoilIL without a coil)
    servicing - Fox - TFTuned, Mojo (close to Bristol - my place)
    BOS - jungleproducts, madelkcycles (my friends from Dublin), but can they repair everything? or do they need to send a shock to france ?
  • poahpoah Posts: 3,369
    out of those two the X2 but it certainly wouldn't be my choice as a shock. I did look at the X2/DB AirCS but the coil is a much better way to go with better small bump sensitivity, better mid stroke support, no ramp up and a lot less to go wrong. The only reason to go air is if you are a weight wennie ;)

    Fox has the better service support in both spare parts/service and warranty. However, if you are big bloke you could have issues with the pressure cap they now have on the shock.
  • i'm 73kg (about 80kg with a gear), and there is a stock Giant Reign (my bike) version with X2 performance, so i guess it's not a 'strange/uncommon' configuration. ... ifications

    with Monarch+R i need to put around 240psi (leverage ratio is quite high)
  • poahpoah Posts: 3,369
    you're going to have the same high pressure in the X2 as well due to the large negative air spring. Just somthing to consider.
  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    I see why you've been put off coil shocks if you've got a Vivvid! Certainly not one of the best coil shocks and a long way off the performance of a Cane Creek DB Coil.
    Jungle can service BOS suspension when they can get parts (the reason why BOS get through so many distributors). They aren't the most reliable either.
  • it's not like i'm put off coil shocks, i think about these two, because i can have them cheaper than a new CC DBCoil IL without a spring! in any other case, i'd think and try coil (DBCoilIL or used CCDBcs)
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