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Cycling to work dressed as Santa

captain_kirkcaptain_kirk Posts: 104
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Good Afternoon all.

I apologise in advance, this post is asking for donations to charity!

I work for Tommee Tippee, based in Mansfield. Our recently chosen charity is Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens who are a great charity raising funds for research into cancer that affects kids, teens and young adults. I'm sure you will all agree that cancer sucks, and when it involves young people it is even worse. We are trying to do our bit to help raise as much as we can for this great cause, and as such I am doing the following.

On, or around (weather dependent) the 13th December, I am going to cycle to work dressed as Santa. I don't cycle to work every day, given that it is 18 miles each way (yes, I will cycle there and back = 36 miles), and I'm just not that fit. I do it about once a week if the opportunity arises. And I never do it dressed as Santa (I cycled to my old work place dressed like this a couple of years ago, but that was only 10 miles each way)

So, please give what you feel you can. Even if it is just positive thoughts that I don't get mullered on the roads by some bad driving lunatic hell bent on destroying Christmas for kids everywhere by running over Santa!

Thank you all in advance!


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