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Velo 29 Winter Series

AllezAllezAllezAllezAllezAllez Posts: 207
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Hi All,

Has anyone ridden the Velo 29 Winter Series at Croft?

It will be my first Road Race following racing Cross since September and I'll be in the Cat 4 race.

Any advice/tips on first races and Winter races?


  • trek_dantrek_dan Posts: 1,366
    My advice: don't use your good kit and be prepared to crash. Its a motor racing circuit with lots of rubber down and would be best described as 'sketchy' when wet, and it will be wet because its in the northeast in winter.

    Assuming your talking about the Cat 4 only race attendances seems to fluctuate randomly week to week, some weeks you'll be racing against a dozen people who are legitimately Cat 4 standard, some weeks you'll have 30+ with a load of ringers who either have never raced before or for a while and are looking to pickup 'easy points' before the road season.
  • Did a few of these when I was 4th cat and always got my arsed kicked! Quite a good starter race though IMO. No tricky corners (the hairpin at the start is too tight to be taken at any pace) and generally quite safe (compared to some races I've seen down south). Never seen a proper break get away in the 4th cat race, normally ends in a bunch kick or people nipping of the front on the last lap or two.
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