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Pf30 / chorus cranckset ?

meds6974meds6974 Posts: 28
edited November 2016 in Road beginners
I have recentley got a pinarello marvel frame which has pf30 bottom bracket shell . I intend installing campag chorus 11 ? Is this compatible ? If so which it cups do i order ? Or do i need the praxis converter that i have read about ? Sorry if i'm being a bit numb , but i'm new to this .


  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    Try the workshop group for more details but yes - ultratorque pf30 cups will work. ... cket-cups/

    The Praxis converter is good though as some BB30 and PF30 frame shells aren't up to it in their tolerances and the non-screwed fits of BB30 and PF30 can lead to creaking.

    Saying that - I've got the Campag cups and they've never creaked.
  • Thanks , will just deal with the problem if it happens.
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