Stupid unnecessary cycle paths!

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Anyone else notice their local councils etc putting up unnecessary and wasteful cycle lanes ? I am a daily cycle commuter and in general I welcome cycling improvements that will make us safer and encourage more people onto bikes but I have noticed some new cycles paths etc near my patch that are simply unnecessary and wasteful.

For a kick off there is a new stretch of 2 lane cycle path running along side Caste Boulevard, Nottingham. This has forced the already heavy traffic into 1 lane. The cycle path in question follows the canal which already has a little used and well maintained tow path. Probably cost the council (and therefore tax payers) many tens if not hundreds of thousands of £. What makes it worse is that they have already dug it up again for some reason or other and the patch they put back to cover the hole looks like it was done with a knife and fork.

Another path near Bestwood Village / Hucknall runs along a main road and randomly changes widths going from about 1 foot wide to 2 meters wide, The lines look like my nephew did them with a crayon. Again perfectly good bus line that has hardly any bus traffic - most bus lanes are also cycle lanes so why have they done this ?

Another pavement/cycle lane I use in Gedling states 'Cyclist use left lane' then after 10 feet it states 'Foot traffic only, cyclists dismount' - WTF!

I would rather they spend more money on fixing the roads than converting crappy paths into last minute cycle lanes.

Rant over!


  • This one: ... ath-scheme

    The cycle part of the path is bumpy, and then becomes a gravel path at the far end. The walking part is lovely to cycle on. I thought it wasn't finished for a few weeks, but it seems someone decided that gravel was the perfect surface.
  • Try this one on my commute: ... usstop.jpg

    They spent months reworking the junctions (no apparent change) then narrowed the road and stuck the cycle path straight through the bus stop which they stick in the middle of the road.

    I'm sure the planners sit round thinking up new ideas to see what stupid they can get away with. Nobody would really do that if they had an ounce of common sense surely.
  • mr_eddy - I feel your pain! I use both the new (and unnecessary) lanes along Castle Boulevard, and the one from City Hospital to Hucknall. Waste of money if you ask me. The old road was far wide enough to cycle down and have cars down, and I don't think there is enough cycle traffic (yet - it may improve now it's there) to warrant it.