Tacx Flow v Tacx Vortex

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OK I am interested in getting into the turbo world and with Zwift coming to the ipad I think I would be able to make some decent use of one. However I would like some help from the experts on here, if possible? :D

Firstly im only an average rider who probably puts out 350 / 500 watts when I go hard, so I don't think spending loads on a high end trainer would be a good move. I would however like the ability to have a smart trainer, hence the reason im looking at these below.

However what is the difference between the Tacx Flow and Tacx Vortex in simple terms? Is it something major that a rider like me would notice?

Also does the bluetooth work on these? Ive seen comments where people are moaning about bluetooth paring not working? Is this the case and a sign of issues or just something that some people tend to moan about but they are typically doing something wrong?

Lastly, if I dont use Zwift (not the plan, but asking), do Tacx provide some facilities that you can use the trainer on as park of the package that you are purchasing?

Hope you are able to help.


  • I haven't used either. But the difference seems to just be 1% of max grade simulation.

    No issues that I'm aware of both work well with Zwift on Bluetooth.

    If you don't use Zwift you can use a basic Tacx app on smartphones
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    Is that 1% going to be a major issue for someone on Zwift etc or will it not be that noticeable for someone like myself who isn't a hardcore pro?

    I was just looking at the Tacx android app, seems to have some really poor ratings and people moaning about the bluetooth pairing up issue, however seems strange as surely more people would be on forums like this complaining about it otherwise if it was the case?
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    Of course looking around on the internet is dangerous ....

    Has anyone tried / used / seen anything about the Bkool Smart Go? This is on a Black Friday offer of £280 at the moment which seems reasonable ... IF it is any good. Also they are throwing in the Bkool App use for a year. Is this any good? Also can it be used with Zwift?

  • It can be used with Zwift yes.
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    Remember that the max slope and power is at a high wheel speed. Probably because I am on a phone I can't see the graphs of the two to compare.

    The result is that if you think you will not be going quickly or will end up using easier gears you may need a stronger trainer.

    Typically, for sprints you will be fine as wheel is going quick, but if you want to simulate climbing and think you may shift down gears and slow up then a more expensive trainer may be needed.

    I used to have the old Flow, but have now gone to a Bushido Smart partly for this reason.

    So before you decide on a trainer have a look at the full graph and decide if those are realistic speeds for you.
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    I've just returned a Flow fit this reason - it did almost exactly what I wanted, but for higher wattage intervals i had to change gear to get in 'range' of the electric brake. Likewise, during the slow/low power recovery intervals it wouldn't go 'low' enough - e.g. it would stay around 145w rather than drop to 110w.

    This was only an issue because I use Trainer Road and also have a power meter so could really feel the differences. For Zwift where the resistance isn't fixed (ie it is just adjusting according to slope) then you would probably be fine.

    No issues at all with the Tacx Android app but Trainer Road struggled to Powermatch with my Vectors.