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What's with all the flood of Garmin Edge 1000s on Ebay?

pbassredpbassred Posts: 208
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Just lately there have been loads. The price is dropping and I can't say that I not tempted but just lately there has been a spate of "New", boxed units with "no warrantee". Is this a boatload of Chinese knock offs? Are stockest dumping them before the 1010 comes out? Otherwise, how/why would people have a new unit but not have warrantee?


  • Water damage?
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  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    If it is being sold by a genuine retailer as a new unit, it will have a WARRANTY. If it is a used unit, then it shouldn't be being advertised as new. I recently bought some "used" Dura Ace wheels from Wiggle's eBay outlet. No warranty was implied or expected as the advert was clear about everything.

    Garmin's are cheap around the globe (i got my first one, a 705, from Israel for half the price of one here in the UK) so it may be someone has bought a few and is making a few quid. The argument then is that you're the second owner so it isn't new. Again why are they advertising it as new? Did they register it? If not, the Garmin warranty when you register it is valid.

    LBS are going under frequently and any stock will have been sold at liquidation auctions. If there are Garmins in the stock, they'll be sold for nothing near their retail value. Anybody can get into such auctions and bid, but I think I'd be a bit more honest advertising the product as bancrupt ex stock so no retailer warranty.
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  • flasherflasher Posts: 1,731
  • Elfed wrote:
    Water damage?

    Bet you had a horrible school life SloppySchlekonds, really bullied and made to feel really inferior to everyone else, is that why you invade every thread with your pathetic trolling SloppySchlekonds?

    Water damaged, bankrupt or liquidated stock. Could be any reason especially if from the same seller.

    And cut out the unpleasant personal abuse.
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • I purchased one of these Garmins a few years back, no warranty from a electrical seller. Sent back to Garmin for a free replacement unit as was less than 2 years old.

    Paid £120 for it (edge 1000), sold my 510 for £150 so did ok out of the deal!
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  • £300 is hardly earth-shattering is it when Wiggle has the 1000 for £314.98, Halfords the same (potential for 10% off with BC, or 15% with Toyota Owners Club) and the price-gouging CRC for £314.99 (with the potential for 10% off with BC) or Winstanleys for £299.99 with no messing.
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