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Pro Viz kit - any good

supermurph09supermurph09 Posts: 2,471
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As most of my riding seems be at night, my black Gabba is perhaps not the best piece of kit to be using so I have been looking at the pro viz kit (20% off today too).

I think a gilet would be the best option but wanted to know peoples opinions on quality of the kit.

£60 for this, so £48 today which seems a decent price for a gilet. ... ostpopular


  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,605
    I have the full proviz 360 jacket for night riding, the quality is excellent, it gets used everyday, for commuting, sometimes with a rucksack rubbing on it, sometimes with long cuts through the local MTB trail brushing up against unseen trees and foliage.

    it stands up to abuse.

    the one and only downside is its breathability ... compared to my other gear which is "gore" gortex, I get rather damp wearing it, even in the coldest of nights - well 4deg so far, so not "that" cold.

    so it is good quality, but the choice of material is not particularily breathable
  • I haven't got any, but they really are ridiculously visible when caught by lights. The rucksack cover seems like a good place to have the material if it isn't breathable.
  • My concern is how long they stay reflective. But feedback seems to be good, thanks.
  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,605
    allegedly 20 washing machine cycle washes according to some American website ... it doesn't come off in the rain though, I know that much !
  • PK1PK1 Posts: 193
    I have the 360+ gilet , great for a dark commute but it is a bit heavy and I wouldn't like to wear the jacket due to breath-ability.
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,062
    Rucksack... I think the reflective finish can be a touch on the sensitive side.. we''l see after 6 more months of winter night riding.
    Bit of a downside is... I do ride in a tucked position, blessed with good flexibility... so the rucksack is more or less horizontal... the underside is black material... fix was to gaffer tape reflective strips off an old hi viz gilet... I would Rucksack version 2 might have this sorted.
    The clothing sizes are ridiculously over sized.. I have a gilet that you could fit 2 of me in - so it dont get worn.. and its too heavy.
  • Garry HGarry H Posts: 6,639
    I'd say impressive vizability, mediocre breathability.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Gilet would be better than a jacket due to breathability.
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