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Buying for my kid, convincing my wife

Thigh_burnThigh_burn Posts: 489
Our 8yo needs a new bike. The current model is way too heavy and too small.

I'm looking at 24" wheels, and can see lots of options out there from Isla, Frog, Wiggins, Hoy etc. The problem is my wife is balking at the price. It seems that for a kids bike in this range you can't get much for less than £250 at a stretch, £290 ideally.

My questions are: How do I convince my wife these are worthwhile?
What's particularly good value (I know price and value aren't the same thing)?
Am I missing a brand or a deal for 24" bikes?



  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,734
    Merida. Got a Merida Matt's Champion 24" if your interested not very old and in good nick. Better than current spec as has 10 speed Deore gearing. Over £300 new pm if interested. Be wary when buying as they grow so bloody fast.
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  • TashmanTashman Posts: 3,372
    I just got a second hand Appollo for £35 - bargain. Can't stretch to those prices for something thats only going to get a year or two's usage. He's well chuffed with it and the weigght really isn't that much of an issue for an active kid doing normal riding
  • natrixnatrix Posts: 1,111
    Have a look at how much second hand islabikes go for on ebay. The difference between what you'll pay for one and what you'll get when you sell it isn't that much really. Can work out more cost efficient than buying a cheaper, heavier bike which nobody will buy off you second hand. I have even made money on an Islabike which both of my children have ridden before I sold it on (i.e. more than 4 years bike usage absolutely free).
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  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    I'm firmly in the 2nd hand bargain camp here. Ebay is chock full of isla bikes at the moment - £200 or so, if they make their asking price all well and good. I just picked up a Spec. Hotrock for £52 - it's got to be a better deal and the lad will have grown out of it in 2 years time (there's another one to pick up the hand-me downs though).

    Having said that.. it replaces a Raleigh full susser that I got in an emergency after his last one got nicked. The Raleigh weighs half as much as he does and he barely rides it (though that is as much to do with where we live). At least him having a better off-roader will encourage me to take him to trail centres.
  • Thanks all I'll investigate the 2nd hand market - including @oxoman
  • natrixnatrix Posts: 1,111
    There's a 24" in the classifieds here viewtopic.php?f=40093&t=13072288
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  • Steve-XcTSteve-XcT Posts: 267
    Someone on another forum summed up the question ....

    Cost of new bike = £££ .... time spent with your kid having fun = priceless....

    The key is that kids change their minds all the time! (Best friend this week vs last) so you need to be sure they want to cycle before spending money OR get something you can sell for more or less what you paid!

    We had a censored heavy bike ... he had no interest in cycling and got him a lighter one when he was about 5 and there's no stopping him... censored heavy bikes really CAN make a big difference .. his current 24 weighs less than his 20 that weighed less than his 12" fireman sam...

    The difference is as the bikes get bigger its worth spending more and you can then take the extras to the next bike...
  • D MaxD Max Posts: 11
    If I can't find a descent second hand outdoor gear I pull the "investment" card.
    What we consider to be an investment is:
    1. Has to be a key item in our daily or regular life.
    2. Resale value. If we know that we'll be able to resale it once outgrown. This
    counts in making the item cost less over time. We take good care of our gear
    so we know that we are going to get the most return out of it.
    3. An investment is also something that would make a big different in us trully
    enjoying our time with our kids and sharing our values and passions.
    There's some bicycles that can last long long time and have a good resale.
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