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London City Safe Bike Storage/Parking

kleinstrokerkleinstroker Posts: 2,133
edited November 2016 in Commuting chat
Now I have a decent bike for my morning commute, I'm feeling a bit anxious just leaving it locked up outside work on the street. Does anybody know where around Liverpool St station there is a safe place to lock up, I wouldn't even mind paying.
Or is there a massive gap for someone to set something up like the bike hub off Tottenham Court Road


  • BobMcbobBobMcbob Posts: 104
    Nothing that I'm aware of. If you can't park in your office basement then either the central reservation on Bishopsgate or Liverpool Street Station
  • navtnavt Posts: 374
    Nothing close by, but you could always suggest.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    OnYerBike at London Bridge may work.
  • Did a bit, actually a lot of research, would be happy to rent a bike locker thing, but nearest one to me is in middle of housing estate, so will have to check it out first.
    London Transport also have some sort of storage at London Wall, so will check that out as well
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