Christmas Drinks?



  • rhodrich
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    It's a shame it's my office Xmas party tonight, or else I would have been there. Will have to hold out for the next session....
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  • Sadly i'm now a no due to sick kids and the Dorris being a douche.

    If I know you, and I like you, you can borrow my bike box for £30 a week. PM for details.
  • hopkinb
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    Good to meet rower63, vimfuego and dizzydane and to see Veronese68 and Roger again.
  • itboffin
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    but the pubs are still open how can you be er not still drinking?
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  • mtb-idle
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    I was out at my works black-tie bash on Thursday night and despite the fact i didn't drink much I didn't get to bed until 2 a.m. plus back in canary wharf office on Friday meaning I was too old errr.. tired to make it on Friday evening #oldfart

    I heard from Dizzy Dane that you all had fun though.
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  • veronese68
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    Yes, a very good evening. We did say we must do it more often or have a social ride with pub stop.
    Shame you couldn’t make it. We’re your ears burning? Good to meet DD and to see the others again.
    More than a touch chilly riding back. Nearly got left hooked riding into Kingston, mini cab was alongside and started indicating left.
  • mtb-idle
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    Veronese68 wrote:

    Were your ears burning? Good to meet DD and to see the others again.

    Hah! A little bit, yes.

    Here's my latest videos in case I haven't already posted them:

    The Hard Road; thrills and spills on the MTB in Les Gets in July

    Stressed Out: highlights of me and my other Saffer buddy Greg's trip to Hook of Holland

    Me and DD ride together plenty of times so we will give you guys a shout next time we have something in mind. Great rides I've tackled this year have been Oxford n' back (200km), Eastbourne n' back (another 200 k ride), Brighton n back (160k), Leith Hill Octopus (2,000 vertical metres) Croix de Fer and Alpe d'Huez etc.

    Lesser k rides are available upon request...
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  • hopkinb
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    Short sprints in a tailwind are my true calling, but I'm always up for a challenge..
  • vimfuego
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    Likewise, good to see you all (again for some of you & good to meet Rower, Dizzy & hopkinb) that was a good evening - Cheers All!
    My beer advent canendar keeps on giving Veronese - I've got a bit of catch up to do tonight....


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  • veronese68
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    vimfuego wrote:
    My beer advent canendar keeps on giving Veronese - I've got a bit of catch up to do tonight....
    Ooh, I do like a wheat beer. Got some catching up to do on mine as well. Just got in from a very boozy lunch so now may not be the time. The ride in tomorrow may be very slow.
  • Thanks for a great evening. Great to meet you guys! Definitely keen for spring drinks, or on a ride with MTB-Idle :D