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COSINE wheels thoughts?

roubaixtomroubaixtom Posts: 316
edited November 2016 in Road buying advice

Thinking of getting some COSINE 30mm carbon clinchers from Wiggle. They seem to have good reviews.

Has anyone had any experience of these?




  • w00dsterw00dster Posts: 880
    I've heard good things about the deeper 55mm rims. Probably going to get myself a set once I have completed some other upgrades on the good bike.
    My opinion....
    Not sure I'd bother with the 30mm carbon wheels for £500, weighing in at 1562.

    The 32mm alloy clincher comes in at £250 and weighs in at 1485.

    The carbon rim is slightly wider, but if you were really after aero gains then I would go for a deeper rim. The 32mm alloy is also a tubeless compatible rim.

    I appreciate weight isn't everything, but not sure what the shallow carbon rim offers for the price difference. Personally I'd go with the £250 wheels and use the saved cash to get some decent Tubeless tyres and conversion kit.
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