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Which bike for tall 6 year old learner?

MAJmumMAJmum Posts: 3
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My DS is 6 and v tall - 129cm with inside leg of 56cm. Until now he's had a Puky balance bike which is now way too small and I'd like to get him a proper bike for Christmas - overdue, I know. I don't know much about bikes but have been reading up and trying to figure out which one would be best for him.
From his size, it seems a 20" would be the right size but they mostly have gears which as he is just learning to ride, seems a bit much for him for now. I can see there's a 20" Islabike CNOC without gears which we could possibly stretch to, or other options with gears.
Any advice? Is it best to avoid gears for now ? Or go for one with gears but ignore them for now whilst he gets to grips with pedalling, with the aim that he'll be able to use them eventually?


  • I'd say go for at least 20" - I could never bring myself to part with the money for an Islabike (£350 for a kids bike!!) but their reputation/reviews are excellent. The other manufacturer that crops up often are Frog bikes, little bit cheaper than Islabikes but well thought of.

    I'm a cheapskate so my kids had a Dawes Blowfish, this passed through 3 of my children over about 5 years and was then given to a neighbour and is still going strong. They are quite heavy but built to last

    Yes go for gears, gripshift easier for small ones to learn than thumb levers
  • My youngest is 7 today and he's fairly tall for his age. He has been on a Islabikes Beinn 24 since early summer so you may be able to get him on one of those - but my boy had already spent 18 months racing on a Beinn 20 Small before that so he had good confidence. I suspect that a 20" bike might work better for your lad but I suspect that he will already be towards the top end of the height for them - my boy had the seat tube at its highest setting before we moved him onto the 24"...


  • Thanks v much for the replies, Davesnothere and Underscore. Sounds like I shouldn't worry about the gears and just focus on a decent bike the right size
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