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nburns06nburns06 Posts: 5
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Hi everyone,

I was just looking to see if anyone on here could give me a bit of advice on how to get started in cycle racing. I'm currently in the north west and have checked British cycling etc but there doesn't seem to be much races on there. Any ideas one where I could look so I can see what races to aim my training towards?



  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,834
    If you mean road/circuit racing, then the calendar is pretty quiet at the moment and will be until early spring, or thereabouts when the season kicks off again. Next season's dates tend to get added to the calendar any time between now and the new year.

    The BC website has lots of good info about getting started in racing, so well worth looking it up. I would also suggest getting involved with a club, if you aren't already.
  • Not much happening this time of year on road/closed circuit.

    It might be a bit far but Velo29 Winter Road race takes place at Croft Motor Circuit starting on 31st December. This series runs until Feb. From Spring there will be loads of races popping up.

    I've just started racing Cross this year and I was a newbie to that but now love it. All I did was some research on events and then gave it ago. Cross is more technical, so I would walk and ride the course, with a road race I would focus on group riding and not getting dropped from the group.
  • philbar72philbar72 Posts: 2,229
    down near London we have velopark, Hillingdon and Cyclopark races on a weekly basis.
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