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New or old tyres for race

thestrandthestrand Posts: 112
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Hi everyone,

It's my first race in a while tomorrow and after having a close inspection of my bike, there are a few quite deep gashes on the tyres, including one where the sidewall seems to have worn away in one place. I haven't had any punctures as a result of the gashes, but I'm worried it may only be a matter of time.

I have new tyres which I can put on, however I'm a bit wary of riding for the first time on them in a race, especially given the rather wet forecast tomorrow!

Basically I am wondering whether you would advise risking a puncture in the old tyres, or go with the new ones with the strong possibility of a lack of grip.

Thanks in advance
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  • thefdthefd Posts: 1,021
    I would put on the new ones rather than risk a puncture from the old ones.

    If you are really concerned then get some fine sand paper and give them a gentle rub all the way round.
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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    New tyres on and go rough up the tyre on a little spin today. What race is it in November ?
  • mac9091mac9091 Posts: 196
    Yep i'd also say new ones, because if you puncture during the race you'll end up using them anyway when you chuck your spare wheel on.
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