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Is it possible to use in Carrera bikes 700x28c Tyres? Anybody are using these?

Bender999Bender999 Posts: 11
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Hello everyone.

Somebody knows if it is possible to use 700x28c Tyres in Carrera roads bike like:
Zelos, Virtuoso, Vanquish. (I think all of them use the same wheel and similar frame).

I´m planning to buy a new road bike maybe a Carrera but I would like to use the tyres that I’m using in my old road bike 700x28c (Marathon Schwalbe).

Is it possible?
Is the frame big enough?
Do the wheels have proper inner width?
Somebody could tell me the inner width on the Carrera wheels?

Thanks a lot.


  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,196
    Go to a Halfords store and ask what their recommendation is for the bikes you are interested in. It is not only fork and frame clearances that you need to consider, the brake calipers will be designed with a clearance for a maximum size of tyre. If you fit mudguards, clearance can be reduced also, internal rim width will affect tyre profile.

    Consider upping your budget and look at The Boardman Road Sport, on offer at £399.20
  • pbassredpbassred Posts: 208
    Take a wheel with you and fit it to the bike? Don't choose a busy time though!
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