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Wireless Shifting on the Cheap



  • Chris Bass wrote:
    proto wrote:
    Have a look at this thread from 2010 ..............


    looks like you should have patented your idea!!

    Well, you can't patent an idea. Have to have a very detailed design usually. I funny, I've read so many comments about how other people have come up with this same idea. I looked at pretty much all the ideas that I've seen on the internet. RC servos, cams, hydraulics, counter balance springs, you name it. None of them are viable and marketable. Took a long time but I did figure out a way to do it. And contrary to what I read somewhere else, the idea did not come from Area 51.
  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,316
    Sorry I don't see any advantage over a 2 Dollar cable, only disadvantages.
  • Keezx wrote:
    Sorry I don't see any advantage over a 2 Dollar cable, only disadvantages.

    Can a $2 cable make a 10 speed derailleur work on an 11 speed cassette? Can that $2 cable perform overshift? Can it do semi-auto function? Probably not. For many people old school is fine. But a lot of us like the improvements that come with modern technology. I will also be selling some really awesome cables if you are interested in upgrading. :D
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 19,964
    like any technology it wont appeal to everyone

    I like it and will give it a try once its released
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  • Looking into the Garmin menu system on my Edge 820 I see there is a feature for linking it to a Shimano Di2 electronic wireless shifting system and also to another non-specified wireless electronic shifting system. My question is two-fold. Will the Garmin computer pair up with the XShifter and if so what benefits would it bring?
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