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Disc brakes - deore vs hyrd vs ultegra

jamesesjameses Posts: 653
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I'm about to build up a winter disc frame and am considering options for the brakes. The frame I have bought is coming with deore callipers, which I understand are at the lower end of the spectrum. Given I am going to be replacing the groupset anyhow (105/rival/veloce level, haven't made up my mind which yet) I am looking at three options:

1 Cable discs: keep the deore brakes

2 Semi-hydraulic: new trp hy/rd brakes

3 Hydraulic: ultegra hydro groupset

Option 1 is obviously going to be cheapest, but are deore brakes any good? How do they compare with the hy/rd?
Option 3 is considerably more expensive (I'm ruling out 105 hydraulic because reviews seem to suggest the shifting isn't as good as with the mechanical versions) - are full hydraulic discs really that much better?

Thanks for any help!


  • Full hydraulic do give the full benefit of discs. I run rim, HyRd and Ultegra hydraulic and there's a big step between rim and HyRd and a smaller, but not insignificant step the full hydro.

    If I could convert the rim to HyRd I would but I won't bother converting the HyRd to full hydro. I hope that helps.
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  • w00dsterw00dster Posts: 880
    I have mechanical disc brakes (Trp Spyre) and also 105 Hydraulic disc brakes.

    I wouldn't go near cable discs again, the hydraulics are a world of difference. I've also not noticed any issues with shifting using the 105. I'm actually a bit of a fan to be honest, I like the lever position, works well for me, the hoods have a nice long section that allows me to rest my arm nice and comfortable on it.

    My mechanical disc brake has 9 speed Sora, also works a treat, and ridiculously cheap to replace chain and cassette, something you may want to bear in mind as you will need to replace in the spring.
  • TRP HyRD + compressionless outer cable will set you off over 200 pounds. Is the difference between mechanical WShimano and hydro Shimano over 200 pounds?
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  • I know this won't help you make the decision but if you do go for option 2 the semi-hydraulic option can I offer the Juin Tech R1 as an alternative to the HyRd, I have the green ones but they come in other colours too.
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  • paul1000paul1000 Posts: 190
    I've the juin tech, they are very good, way better than the spyres I had previously.
  • Yeah, another vote for the Juin Tech. TBH I'd do that. If you're going for the Hy Rd you may as well see if you can pay the extra for hydro. But the Juin Tech at £125 or so are a bargain.
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  • jamesesjameses Posts: 653
    Cheers for the replies - hadn't come across the Juin Techs before, but I'm definitely leaning towards them now!
  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 8,688
    My experience is HyRds can be a complete nightmare - just spent a couple of hours trying to get my front to work anything like - no I'm not the worlds greatest mechanic but I've managed to rebuild campag ergos, rim brake calipers, build bikes from scratch, installed headsets etc - the things most home mechanics might do - but these things have beaten me - bike shop job.
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  • Just ordered a pair of very red Juin tech for my single speed..... :D
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