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Sora shifters query

andydr2wheelsandydr2wheels Posts: 24
edited November 2016 in Road general
I'm getting frustrated now I'm downgrading to my winter bike which has old-style Sora hood shifters. I'm looking to replace with the 3500 STI shiters but I'm wondering about 1 thing: the current shifters are set for a triple even tho I've got a compact chainring. This has always been a pain but is there any problem swapping these out for a double? Seems like logically there shouldn't be, but just wanted to check with more experienced heads.


  • if you mean the older 3400 Sora shifters with the thumb shifters, they all have the ability to work with a triple. All you need to do is use the high limit screw on the derailliur so that the shifter can only go into 2 of the three positions.
  • The thumb shifters are what I have now, but the 3500s are intergrated into the brake levers like my other bike. I've seen them advertised as both double, and triple shifters - eg ... lever-set/
    Just wanting to check I can install these ok for my compact - it's what they're intended for, just cheking that replacing won't affect anything else. Sounds dumb, but don't want to get it wrong.
  • svettysvetty Posts: 1,904
    So you have a 2 chainring set-up and want to know if it's OK to fit a shifter designed for...................... a 2 chainring set-up. ;)
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
  • I know. It's possible I could be overthinking this! :shock:
    Just wanted to check it wouldn't affect anything else but I guess the answer is no. doh!
  • I did something similar recently, although I went for the 2016 Sora (R3000 Shifters).
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