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Baron GreenbackBaron Greenback Posts: 128
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Hi everyone,

Has anyone seen / signed up for this? Seems ideal for those parents of single children where handing a bike down isn't an option.
The rates feel reasonable too?

I read somewhere that islabikes were working on a project similar to this, however, I hadn't seen any firm details.




  • natrixnatrix Posts: 1,111
    Islabikes are setting up their 'Imagine' project, see

    One of the drawbacks with this sort of scheme is what do you do with the bikes that have been rented out for 3 months or so and then swapped for a bigger size? How much can you then rent out a second-hand bike for? If you are going to service it, touch up the paint etc, you are paying UK labour rates and it could become economically unviable.

    I wish them luck with it, but it is a competitive market these days, with Islabike, Frog, Wiggins, Hoy etc all doing lightweight childrens bikes.
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  • I think the intention with this us when a bike gets returned, it gets cleaned up / serviced / refurbished, depending on what is appropriate, and then it gets sent out to hire again.

    There is a disclaimer stating that the bike received is not guaranteed to be new when first received.

    For me, it could work for my youngest, as I don't plan on having another child in the household to pass it down to (!). Buying an Isla for him seems like a stretch, as my available capital us low, and also he will grow out of his first bike quickly.
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