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Mechanic courses

SCBronsonCCSCBronsonCC Posts: 42
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Looking to expand my knowledge a bit and get my self on a mechanics course.
Im not looking to do this as a full time job or make money from it (maybe some beer tokens from friends!) but would like to be able to take on most jobs on my bike such as fork/shock servicing and general repairs/fitting etc.

Does anyone have any recommendations for courses offering the above?

Cytech seems a bit OTT and over priced for me as I dont really want/need any certification just a good guide who can show me how to build, rebuild, repair etc.

My garage is kitted out with plenty of space and kit but its the classic all the gear no idea scenario.
I have watched numerous you tube videos over the last year or so but I would prefer to be taught one on one.

Ideally in the north yorkshire area but willing to travel. I've looked at numerous ones online but cant find one within a reasonable distance who covers extras such as fork/shock servicing.



  • Angus YoungAngus Young Posts: 3,063
    Check your local bike shops websites - some of them offer general maintenance courses.
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  • batmobatmo Posts: 277
    Fork and shock servicing can be a bit product specific so tends to be only offered on "advanced" courses. However, I think if you did a more basic course, the grounding would give you confidence to tackle suspension servicing based on reading instructions and watching videos.
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