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My 1st decent bike

mac9091mac9091 Posts: 196
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Saw this section and thought i'd be a great idea to keep a track of how much each component weights and any update i carry out.

So here goes: Pics at the bottom

Frame: Ribble Sportive Racing Carbon 53cm (measurement of the seatpost) 1152g
Forks: Asymmetric 1 1/8" to 1.5" 398g
Bars: 380mm Deda Elementi RHM01 299g
Stem: VNT Elements 100mm 140g
Headset: Ribble (no idea on the details 69g
Bar Tape: Deda Elementi Black

Front Caliper: 5800 105 191g
Rear Caliper: 5800 105 189g

Shifters: Shimano 105 5800 521g
Cables (Outer): Shimano SP41 85g
Front Mech: 105 5800 89g
Rear Mech: 105 5800 245g

Seat: Forza Stratos 310g
Seat Post: Syncros RR1.2 Carbon 31.6mm 245g
Seat Post Clamp: Generic post clamp 25g

Cranks: 105 5800 172.5mm 52/36 752g
Chain: CN-HG600 247g
Cassette: 11-32 CS5800 309g
Pedals: Shimano ones (LOL can't remember the model) 331g
Bottom Bracket: 79g

Front Wheel: 1130g incld tyre and tube
Back Wheel: 1285g incld tyre and tube but not cassette)
Tyres: Continental Ultra 25mm
Tubes: Continental 28 race
QR Skewers: 118g

Weight: 8209g (+bottle cages when mounted )





Just before the eagle eyed point out that theres a couple of cable ends missing, i have left them off until i happy with the length and tightness of the cables.


  • Wouldn't it have been cheaper to buy a complete bike?
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • mac9091mac9091 Posts: 196
    Wouldn't it have been cheaper to buy a complete bike?

    Normally is, but i already had a good saddle that in happy with. The wheels were bought early this year. Didn't need new handle bars but i've went with a narrower pair

    The comparable price for a 105, carbon bike would be in the region of £1000 and the wheels would still need to be swapped out/sold (which would probably have brought me £100 back max)
  • ascurrellascurrell Posts: 1,739
    Be nice to see some pics of the bike.
    Personally I enjoy putting bikes together.
    Regarding cost you've ended up with a bike for a good price and fitted sized components for yourself.

    Problem with new bikes is [if you go by reviews] they always say, wheels, tyres etc need upgrading. You'll probably need to change the saddle. If [and of course only if] you do that the bike is a lot more expensive.

    Reviews are always saying 'need upgrading', 'ready for upgrading' I find that a bit frustrating.
  • mac9091mac9091 Posts: 196
    The main cost saving was the 2nd hand frame and i'm hoping that someone doesn't do a nice deal for the group-set over the Christmas period.

    As you say the parts are all suited to me rather than buying a stock/generic one online, although Ribble did seem to have a good choice of parts although mostly at an additional cost.

    Building the bike yourself also allows any weight watchers to weigh every item going onto the bike individually, hence what i have done. Plus it provides a comparison to the claimed/stated weights form the manufacturer. The prices are more just for me.
  • mac9091mac9091 Posts: 196
    Managed to get a £30 discount on the groupset, as i realised that they had sent me 170mm cranks and not the 172.5mm that were ordered.

    Not a good effort from CRC as this was the 2nd problem with the same groupset as they forgot to send the rear derailleur as well.
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