Garmin Virb Issues

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I'm after some advice...

My Garmin Virb Elite will no longer charge - when I plug it into a charger, the Garmin logo flashes up and then the screen shows the large battery symbol, but it stays empty (the battery charge level indicator normally scrolls across the screen when charging). I've tried alternative cables and chargers, but get the same result.

I emailed Garmin Technical support who told me I needed to return it for inspection/repair/replacement and also that it was out of warranty , so would be chargeable.

Anyone and similar experiences and able to offer a solution? I was wondering if the battery had failed and if it was worth ordering a new one.

Failing that, what's a good replacement? I use it on a daily basis to record my commute (it was bought failing an incident with an Addy Lee driver, who knocked me off and then denied any involvement)





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    Can't answer in terms of the problem itself, but a short term solution would be to connect a powerbank to your Virb and run off that. I'd be tempted to order a replacement battery and see if that does the trick. My normal go-to place for stuff like that is Handtec, as they normally have great prices.
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  • Battery failure would be easiest to check (and cheaper than an out-of-warranty experience at Garmin) - worst case, you end up sending your Virb back to Garmin for a refurb and you'll end up with an extra battery for it.
  • I think there is a known charging glitch. The thing to do is turn it off, open the case, remove the battery and then reinsert, replace case and recharge. Hopefully that should help. I find I need to do this every so often.