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S-Phyre RC9 vs Sub 6 vs Empire SLX

gotwood25gotwood25 Posts: 314
edited November 2016 in Road buying advice
So hoping Santa is going to bring me a new pair of boots for Christmas so trying to decide on a pair of nice ones.

Anyone owned any of the following that can offer their opinion as there isn't much in the way of longer term reviews (in the case of the RC9s at least) on them.

So, I've owned a pair of Empires and absolutely loved them. Kind of destroyed them by putting them in the dishwasher (don't ask, heartbreaking) but at least I know what I am getting with them.

Sub 6, look pretty neat and obviously lace up the same as the Empires. Have heard they can get a little uncomfortable on long rides however most reviews are favourable.

S-Phyre RC9, tried a pair on this weekend and they look amazing. Not as comfortable as the Empires however as they are Shimano I think they were a size smaller than I normally wear. Can get them at £255 as well so not like they are outrageously more expensive than the other two.

Anyway, any feedback much appreciated.


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