Raleigh Performance 20 v Islabike Beinn 20 v Frog 55

Redbear79 Posts: 2
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We're looking for a 20" bike for our son. He currently has an Islabike which I know are regarded very highly with good reason. However we're not sure we can justify the cost of their 20" model (want new for Christmas present) so been looking at both the Frog 55 & the Raleigh Performance 20.

The Raleigh took us completely by surprise as it was lighter than the Frog & very similar to the Islabike in appearance & geometry.

Just wondered if anyone had any experience of the Raleigh or could offer up any pro's/cons to this v the Isla/Frog?

It looks a great little bike but I am a little worried the resale value may be poor given its a new range & its branding.

Is the Isla really worth the extra £100?

Thanks in advance