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Synapse Al Sora vs Btwin Ultra 700

titoniotitonio Posts: 2
edited November 2016 in Road buying advice

I'm planning on buying a road bike to winter train and commute with a budget of 900 euros. I leaning towards a confortable endurance geometry bike and I narrowed the options to:

- Cannondale Synapse Al Sora 2017 - ... =undefined
- Btwin Ultra 700 AF - ... green.html

I'm 1,65 cm tall so a it should be XS on both but correct me if I'm wrong.

Betwen this 2 what is your advice? Is the synapse more confortable that justifies the Sora group? Is there a bike at this price range that I should also look at?


  • I have had a Synapse Ali 105 for 2 years - 3500 miles, no problems
    Wheels are heavy so I upgraded them to Kysrium's - I have also put a C2 carbon seatpost on it

    But I am sure the other would do you great too
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