7005 and 6061 Alloy

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Which is lighter in general?



  • Unhelpful answer. It depends. 7005 is less dense than 6061, but also is inherently less weldable, if that's a word, and would benefit from reinforcement. Overall, for a frame, there'd be very little in it if said frame is built to equal durability.

    6061 would be my choice of those two, but 6069 is what my CAAD10 is made from, so that's my true answer.
  • Ok thanks
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    If this is about frames, then there is more to consider than just weight - 7005 is more prone to stress corrosion cracking than 6061.
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    7000 series alloys were popular but since the introduction of the CEN test for frames its much less popular.

    7000 series will usually build into a slightly lighter frame than 6000 series but its not a given.
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