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Wall Mount + Hydraulic Brakes = Problem

veagnoxveagnox Posts: 77
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Hi guys, I'm sure so much people asked questions like that, but I hope you will answer my simple question. I have 2015 Cube Analog 27.5 which has Shimano BR-M355 hydraulic brakes. Recently I got wall mount (which holds bike from wheel) because of space problem in my room. Here is how mount holds my bike (I leave the link to pic instead of posting pic itself, because forum rotates picture automatically):

So after purchase of wall mount, I didn't ride this bike for 3 days, and after 3 days, I decided to go out with bike, but unfortunately I saw that my rear brakes are incredibly soft. When I pull the lever for nearly 80%, nothing happens in caliper, and even lever is touching grips when I pull it to max. So I'm nearly sure that it's because of air inside the cable, but, I want to know how can I fully repair it, and after repair, can I use this wall mount as I used it before? Or it's unacceptable to hold bike like that? Thanks for attention, sorry my bad English, waiting for your replies


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    How you store the bike makes no difference to the brakes. I hung mine up for years.

    If there's air they need bleeding, but that's not going to suddenly happen over a few days unlss something is wrong with them.
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  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    It's air in the brakes.
    I had a similar problem after leaving my lad's bike upside-down for a couple of days a few weeks ago: lever pulled all the way to the bar. After a few pumps of the brake lever the brake was operating as normal. I should bleed the brake really, but it can wait until my next fettling day.
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  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    They need a bleed. Nothing to do with how you're hanging your bike, mine have been stored like that for years.
  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,910
    Try a Ghetto bleed.
    Pump the lever a few times the zip-tie or tape the lever to the grip and leave overnight.Sometimes works but depends how much air is in the system.
  • as above, wall mounting should not cause the brake problem, upside down MAY cause problems if left long enough or could even damage the lids on the brake system & cause fluid to leak / air in etc. ( assumption on that part - i just remember reading dont turn it upside down in one of the manuals for the above bikes )


    only 1 is cable disk, the rest are hydraulic - 2x shimano mtb, 1x guide 1x shimano road, all these have no problem being left for various amounts of time between rides & so far the worst i have had is 1 bike needed a couple of pulls of the lever to re position the pads back on the disks - not a problem with being hung on the wall, more a problem of i had removed/refitted the wheel before being stored & had knocked the pads in the caliper during the wheel out/in process & they needed to be reset to the normal positions again.
  • fudgeyfudgey Posts: 854
    Its air in the system. I started to hang my mtb up by the front wheel and after 2 days the rear lever would go to the handlebar.
    I bled them properly and now they stay rock solid.
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  • What hanger are you using there for the wazoo? my hangers arent big enough to accommodate the wheels on mine
  • I've got a very similar prolbem to this - back brake is very spongy, but after a few pumps on the lever it returns to normal ish. lift the bike upside own though and the spongy feeling returns

    would assume its a brake bleed i'll need to do too. something for me to get my hands dirty doing this weekend...
  • What hanger are you using there for the wazoo? my hangers arent big enough to accommodate the wheels on mine

    all 5 are hung on these

    the road & cx have no bother, the 2 mountains were a tight fit & the fatty well, it was a non starter lol

    BUT poked a big chunky screwdriver through the blue cover at the end of the hooked bit & then used that as a lever to straighten out the curve a little for the 2 mountain bikes for a more suitable fit for the wider tyres & alot straighter for the fatty & it does the job as you see ( OK on the fatty it does not fully surround the wheel rim, gets about 3/4 over it i think - but its enough to hold the bike there )

    --- edit to add ---


    hopefully you can just about see the hanger in this ( does not help its covered in black insulating tape as its the oldest hook & the cover got damaged in places when fitting the bizango in it before they got tweaked to accept the larger width wheels.
  • slightly better pics of the fat bike mounting



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