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Upward and onward (part 1)

Bob57Bob57 Posts: 14
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Been looking around at a new bike for my 6 year old daughter

After the usual small toy bikes with stabilisers and balance bikes I picked up a Saracen Bolt alloy frame 16" single speed. It was in good condition but not maintained and after a strip and grease and new brake cables it was as good as new. She is now very confident, standing up to pedal up hill and using the brakes properly.

We went a visit to Halfords for some gas canisters and a Carrere Luna 20" caught her eye and after a test run in the store she started to say that she wants a proper mtb not a toy bike anymore

After some looking at Frogs Isla bikes she still wasn't keen as the look (which is important at 6) wasn't mountain bike enough So having built up the better half's bike using a Felt Jump shot frame and eBay sourced parts my thoughts have turned to the same process for Sarah, as all the time I am getting the "real MTB" vibe

So eBay again and a Giant XTC Jr I bid and won at a reasonable price of £69 working on the principle that the same bikes were listed at £120 to £180 and this one was in need of some TLC. So as the seller was in deepest south Wales I blagged a bike box from my lbc (Jack Gee cycles in Northwich) and then sent it via the post and after the seller had packed the bike the couriers collected the bike, which was with me in 24 hours

Then the bike was stripped and parts for reuse cleaned and stored. The BB was a pain in the censored to get out and needed a lot of WD40 and a lot of swearing and ball ache but then came out easy

The forks were ditched as one of the "V" brake bosses is cracked and so Suntour suspension forks used as obtained

I contacted FSA and obtained the correct speciation for a replacement headset binning off the ball bearing headset

Frame went to a local powder coating specialist (Retro Coatings in Sandbach) in Polar white. If this for my daughter why not Pink but a cunning plan here. It will be white with Pink hoses cables grips and seat etc but when she moves up to another bike then all pink becomes Blue or black for son Charlie. Hopefully getting 5-6 years use from one bike.

But then hit a problem that the BB would not go back in fully so off to LBS and after a £20 re tread and facing and I thought sod it, I fitted a new BB as well

So at the moment I am awaiting a set of wheels and have a little box of parts

Another cunning plan was to replace the Shimano brakes on my Marin and use the levers and callipers on Sarah's bike so I get new XT's So as i am keeping my Goodridge hoses

Another foray into the world of Pink bits has been the order of the day and a set Goodridge Pink Hoses and stainless connectors from CRC in the sale for £18.50 can't be bad and I bid on a pack of Jag wire gear cables at 99p and won.

The tyres were Ok but a new set would be better and again looking around a pair of Continentals from CRC again

So we are at the beginning of the build with an estimated cost of around £160 Compared to £249 for a Halfords bike ... res/1S59s7


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