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Reverb Woes

mark~pmark~p Posts: 52
edited October 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
I have a Reverb Stealth around 20 months old, nothing bonkers in its use that has stopped working. The first symptoms were a small amount of sag and slow return. A quick check of the air pressure showed that it was low so I topped that up and then bled the hose. That fixed it for a bit and then on Sunday whilst out, it failed to lock, either up or down.

After much swearing on a wrecked day, I bled it again at home assuming that was the problem. No change, bleed the thing again with even more care, again no change. Finally I take the thing off completely so that when I bleed it again i know that I have everything straight and the best shot at getting the air out. Also, it it will not lock, I may as well shove the old post in anyway.

Still not luck. Anyone else with similar problems? This looks as though the poppet valve has jammed or failed.
Fortunately I bought it new from Wiggle and they have said to return it under warranty so hopefully it will be repaired.

I am not impressed, the Reverb is supposed to be the dogs bollocks but even allowing for its popularity there do seem to be a larger number of people with issues.


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