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Pedalon points-genius?!?

willmtbwillmtb Posts: 69
edited October 2016 in MTB general
So as I was looking for the best deals of the Cannondale cujo 3 ( ... -2017.html ) I came across pedalon. Pedalon do what seems to be the best deal on the market! For every £50 that's spent on a non sale bike they reward you with a podium point. You end up getting around 20% of what the bikes worth to spend on accessories such as helmets, pedals, bars etc. So I found these pedals ( ... al_pp.html ) as the bike doesn't come with pedals I need them. So will these pedals fit the cranks on this bike? (I may be mistaken with terminology) or shall I go for other pedals. I need a helmet as well so I think I like this Scott one ( ... ck_pp.html ) . That equals 13 podium points so I haven't used them all however I was also wondering can I spend the points better or not? I have maximum 14 podium points!


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