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Turbo trainer longer rear skewer?

MoorMoor Posts: 6
I have just bought a cube attain GTC SL along with a turbo trainer. The cube has an Allen bolt rear skewer and the turbo trainer requires a standard quick release rear skewer, I'd rather stick with the cube option rather than a quick release skewer but I have noticed the cube offering has a hole that goes all the way through. The question is can I just slide a skewer through the hole of the cube skewer and tighten up? I would also need one about 20mm longer as the one supplied is too short, so the next question is, can I buy a longer one?


  • EBEBEBEB Posts: 98
    I've not seen your trainer, so don't quite understand exactly what you are saying, but yes you can get longer skewers.

    The skewers that come with trainers often fit mountain bikes, which have wider wheels, but I'm not sure they are a full 20mm longer. I think some downhill bikes can have extra wide hubs though. If your turbo didn't come with a steel skewer then you can buy them separately. I have bought a Tacx one before, although it took a while to find a price that wasn't stupid. As it might not be enough you might be best borrowing one off a mate to check if it fits.

    If not there are skewers that allow you to put panniers racks on road bikes that don't have normal attachment points. They are very long. There's probably a cheaper way to get a longer skewer, as you don't need one that is that well made, but just mention it to say they definitely exist.
  • MoorMoor Posts: 6
    Thanks for the reply. After a bit more research I have leaned my bike has an X-12 rear axle and I can get a kinetic traxle which will replace it and give me the connections to fit into my turbo trainer.
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