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GPX files question - help gratefully received!

KateCBR600KateCBR600 Posts: 12
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I wonder if someone patient with a good working knowledge of using GPX files on Android phones can help me. I have been given the task of downloading some GPX routes to my phone (which I have duly done) by my partner to follow some MTB routes and it’s already causing friction, as I am clueless and he is becoming exasperated…. I have also installed two apps on my phone: GPX viewer and OsMand. So: I am aware that GPX files show routes, some with those little balloon-shaped waymarkers.

What I don’t seem to be able to grasp is: are GPX files, when downloaded to your phone and opened, the same as following a satnav? What my boyfriend wants to be able to do is follow predetermined routes, getting turn-by-turn instructions, like a satnav does, but with a phone, not a bike mounted Garmin or similar. We’re off to La Palma at Christmas and there seem to be some fantastic mtb routes to follow, which I’ve downloaded, but obviously we’ll be unfamiliar with the island and don’t want to end up lost. I can see that the routes are visible when I open the GPX file, but what happens then? Do you just follow it – does the route ‘move’ with you, like satnav, and give instructions? Or am I completely barking up the wrong tree about what GPX files actually are? If I am, is there anything we can use that will turn a GPX file into a satnav type route? I had read somewhere that OsMand does this, but again am struggling with the finer points of the technology. Feel free to laugh at my incompetence. With thanks in advance.


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    High tech is above my pay grade, but if his response to your cluelessness is to get exasperated, I'd tell him to censored off and do it himself.
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