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Winter Build - Supersix Evo Advice

tartanmartintartanmartin Posts: 90
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I currently have a Focus Cayo Evo 4 and a Cannondale CAAD8 as a winter hack. I've always wanted to build a bike to my own spec and am considering dismantling the Focus which has Ultegra groupset and using parts of it to build a 'new' bike inc new Ultegra wheel set.

As I prefer the position on my CAAD 8 to the Focus, I am considering a build with a Supersix Evo.

I am looking to see what's out there and am wondering whether a 2012/2013 Evo Hi Mod frame be a better frame than a current standard Evo?

Are either frames likely to be an improvement over the Cayo Evo?

As an alternative, should I consider a CAAD12?


  • poucherpoucher Posts: 102
    I just can't see my way past Cannondale's, see my thread below on the new Evo HM I built up this year


    Having had two Pinarello's that beat me up every ride, I just find the Cannondale that bit more compliant and forgiving, I had the normal Evo before this Hi-Mod and that's still a very good frame, the HM is obviously just a little lighter, same geometry , but somehow a smidge faster if my Strava PR's are to be believed.

  • svettysvetty Posts: 1,904
    Frame clearance for tyres/mudguards isn't great on early Evo frames - for a winter build I'd look elsewhere
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
  • Sorry, this would be my 'new' summer bike, CAAD 8 for winter.
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