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Considering a new bike

smudgeriismudgerii Posts: 125
edited October 2016 in Road buying advice
I picked up my first ever road bike in June this year, a very nice 2011 Cube Peloton which had not seen much use ( still had the bobbles/tags on the original tyres ). The bike has been a great intro but with xmas round the corner I'm tempted to change to a new bike.

Would this be considered an upgrade and worthy replacement? ... 39670.html

The Cube would then be full time 'turbo' bike


  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    I would compare the gearing with your old bike as this one is geared for speed and you may find hill climbing harder Also it has low spoke count wheels which may not be suitable if you are a heavier rider.
  • smudgeriismudgerii Posts: 125
    Not much in the way of hills around about my locale.... at 84kg presently, but weight loss is not an issue for me.

    Looking to improve my distances and slowly lower my times, but comfort is also a major factor for me
  • kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,162
    what are you hoping to achieve by upgrading ?

    I like decathlon bkes - and true to form thats a real value for money bike. But once youve rode it a few times - how will it differ from the cube ? - if all want from the upgrade is 105 shifters then yeah it ticks the box...

    When Im upgrading I always try and go for something significantly better than what I have. its all down to personal preference and its your money - but I would prioritise a good and pretty frame over the spec of the groupset......
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