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Right then..

JoshDeeJoshDee Posts: 6
edited October 2016 in MTB buying advice
I did ask somewhere else in the forum about some bikes.

Anyway I tried the bikes I spoke of which were the giant talon 2, and a Saracen 29er.

Liked the giant, didn't like the Saracen.

Now this is my problem, since then I've tried two voodoo's: the bizango and the hoodoo.

The hoodoo £500. 22in frame on 27.5s
I really really liked it (I'm a newbie remember, so I don't know much) but I enjoyed it.

The bizango £600 but currently on sale £480 (£20 cheaper than above) 20in frame on 29in wheels. Chose the 20in frame because it's the biggest frame they do for this model. This bikes been raved about and is a higher spec. It's cheaper than the less specced.

I felt better on the hoodoo, perhaps the 27.5 wheel just suits me better I don't know, it just seems a shame that I don't get on with the apparently much better bike that's won numerous awards including best mtb under £750 and hardtail of the year.

What a dilemma.

Does anyone have a hoodoo?


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