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Bluetooth headphones

rudivoller22rudivoller22 Posts: 492
Anyone recommend any decent wireless headphones for use on turbo?


  • EBEBEBEB Posts: 98
    You will find that in-ear headphones have a tendency to fall out when you get sweaty, even if they feel good normally. The ones with a bit that go over the ear work better & sennheiser used to make one that was okay.

    Personally, I now use Aftershokz Bluez 2S. I know the name as they say it every time I turn them on. They are bone conduction & Bluetooth 3, so allow you to hear background noise, like doorbells etc. The sound quality is a little less than acoustic head phones, but then with the noise of a trainer/fan etc. it doesn't matter. They also clip nicely around your neck when not used and I much prefer them for running. I've even tried them for outdoor cycling, as you can still hear all the surrounding noise. Worked okay, although I don't really want music when out cycling. Having a phone conversation whilst cycling was a truly odd experience though. I can't imagine going back to normal headphones on a turbo.

    Those particular ones I would recommend, although the Bluetooth version is quite old and they only pair to one thing at once. Suspect the newer versions are better.
  • Thanks I'll check them out - assume it's this. Erosion you've got? ... 0wodkccCkw

    I've never really needed them but my turbo space is now in the extension with a kids bedroom above. Sound wasn't an issue when it was in an external garage but I can't have music blaring while I train now and I'm not a fan of turbo at best of times yet alone in silence!!
  • EBEBEBEB Posts: 98
    Yes, those have got the same name. I'm a bit confused as the description says Bluetooth 2.1, but the ones I have are 3 & the Aftershokz website says 3. The 2s is an updated 2, so it doesn't make sense. I think even the later 2s had 3. I suspect Whinstanley have messed up their listing, but it might be worth checking with them why aftershokz say 2s is 3 & they say 2.1. Their top of the line in still the 'titanium'; I don't think the extra features justify the higher price.

    Prices have gone up , probably Brexit related. I'd still consider these over in-ear. I wasted money on cheaper ones that eventually fall out.

    I use them for exactly the reason you do. I used to use a small room above an extension next to my neighbour's bathroom. The fan is the most noise now. Pity those Dyson ones are ridiculously expensive.
  • ... /id/931838

    These are ace. Much better then sports earphones 2 or 3 times the price
  • Websta24Websta24 Posts: 162
    I use a set of these, use them running and in the gym, on the turbo. Never had a single problem with sweat etc.

    Great headphones ... 1BVR8NZ4AQ

    **EDIT** Completely missed the whole point of you saying you are after a set of bluetooth headphones! **EDIT**
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    One thing I've found with some bluetooth head/earphones is they don't like my Garmin when it's recording a ride. I bought a set from TK Maxx that should have been £180 for £35 and the bluetooth signal from my phone was interferred with the Garmin recording, a cheap £8 set from 7dayshop are much better, no interference atall.
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  • KevinAKevinA Posts: 492
    I use the beats studio wireless and work perfectly, stay on and blocks all surrounding sound so you can just have your tunes and not have to hear the tv, washing machine, kids, wife, etc etc
  • AltonoAltono Posts: 1
    edited October 2018
    I have had a set of Sennheiser 120s like in this review for a couple of years now. I'm quite happy with them. There's very little noise and the sound quality is good. The way the stand charges when you hang the phones is very convenient, no little plug to mess with. Before these I had a set of cheaper RCA RF headphones, and they worked OK, but there was much more hiss and they were not built as well.
    I'd shy away from the IR models unless you are sure you'd never have line of sight issues. The nice things about RF is that you can step into the other room for a minute and not lose audio. Sometimes nice for just grabbing a snack during a slow part of a movie.
    There are a lot of useful videos on this subject on Youtube, I'll leave one here, Hope this helps someone.
  • AirPods if Apple.
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  • birdie23birdie23 Posts: 457
    I have these, only problem I've had is that they can be a bit fiddly to pair if you switch devices a lot.
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  • Anything on Amazon made by Anker will do the job. They aren't the absolute last word in sound quality but as you're on the turbo, do you really care enough to spend more than £25? I have these ones ... 01N6DC2ZE/ that do the job nicely. They also do an over ear version that are a few pounds more.
  • alex222alex222 Posts: 598
    I have these which are great. Pretty good value and designated sweat proof too. ... er-one#buy
  • dannbodgedannbodge Posts: 1,152
    I use these: ... B01N6DC2ZE

    They are comfy and haven't fallen out of my ears yet (when on the turbo)
  • drlodgedrlodge Posts: 4,826
    Anker Soundbuds slim, as above.
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  • chris_basschris_bass Posts: 4,913
    Dannbodge wrote:
    I use these: ... B01N6DC2ZE

    They are comfy and haven't fallen out of my ears yet (when on the turbo)

    do you not find the volume control dangling down to one side really annoying? - a site for sore eyes
  • dannbodgedannbodge Posts: 1,152
    Chris Bass wrote:
    Dannbodge wrote:
    I use these: ... B01N6DC2ZE

    They are comfy and haven't fallen out of my ears yet (when on the turbo)

    do you not find the volume control dangling down to one side really annoying?

    Normally have them running round the back of my neck too which stops a lot of the dangling.

    I wear them 90% of the time at work too, so I suppose I'm just used to them now too.
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 26,248
    NOT the Optima BE Sport headphones

    Ive had some that have lasted less than 3 months. Web searches reveal that this is far from uncommon. They re cheap and sound good but they re not built to last.
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  • stueysstueys Posts: 1,332
    I use these ... eless.html for both running and turbo usage. Great sound, good sound insulation so you don't need to crank the volume right up and a good fit that doesn't slip when things get sweaty.

    I've tried over ear head phones but, for me, intense turbo sessions makes me sweat massively under the headphones. Earphones I've found much, much better.
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