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Old bike derailleur wobble

LimitedGarryLimitedGarry Posts: 400
edited October 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
Yoh. I've got about 12 years old rigid MTB which I got as a teen. Long story short, I've decided to do some maintenance on it three years back or so, hoping to do some trashy riding on it, but then decommissioned it shortly after (yeah, wasted money). It's got new tires, cranks, pedals and brake pads. I'm getting rid of the bike now for some symbolic cash. Considering what it's been through, it's in relatively good shape minus the rear derailleur.

Here's the thing: When in the lowest gear (or largest cog if you will), the lowest part of the derailleur collides with the spokes if you ride over any hard bumps.
I immediately though that it's bent, but that isn't the case. It's just lose in one of the joints, which causes it to go lower than it's supposed to on bumps. Image below shows the wobble generator.


My money says it can't be fixed. There's no screw or anything to tighten. Still, can't help but ask, if anyone has good enough expertise to either confirm or disprove my feelings about this derailleur. I'm really not buying new parts for the bike, but if there was a way to fix it somehow, it would make a better deal.


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