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Quiver killer?

ZMC888ZMC888 Posts: 292
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There has long been a myth in mountain biking that there is such a bike as a quiver killer. Of course, with bikes as diverse as 29er XC 80-100mm travel bikes and 200mm travel DH bikes, it's generally just stuff of dreams or nanotech future imaginings. :?

However within the confines of road biking/CX, outside the need for racing marginal gains could it not be possible to have one bike that could pretty much do-it-all? Let's define all....gravel grinding, bike packing, CX, climbing, descending, crits, Everesting, commuting and Sportives.

So the idea is buy a CF hydraulic disk bike and a bunch of wheelsets. Maybe a wheelset for flat; 11-25 cassette. Then maybe an Everesting/bikepacking set with 11-32 and a CX/gravel-grinding set, etc. Each set of wheels would have a different set of tires, rear cassette and spoke count to allow for the different usage.

Ideally a bike with a threaded bottom bracket for ease of maintenance would be best, but not a deal-breaker if PF. Also axle standard is an important variable, go fat 12mm axles or stay with QR?

So bounce some ideas off me. Get a CX bike, Endro/gravel or a all-round race disk bike, what would be the best platform?


  • luv2rideluv2ride Posts: 2,367

    That's what I'd be looking at, alongside various different wheels for it....
    Titus Silk Road Ti rigid 29er - Scott Solace 10 disc - Kinesis Crosslight Pro6 disc - Scott CR1 SL - Pinnacle Arkose X 650b - Pinnacle Arkose singlespeed - Specialized Singlecross...& an Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray 4 string...
  • ZMC888ZMC888 Posts: 292
    Luv2ride wrote:

    That's what I'd be looking at, alongside various different wheels for it....
    It's good, very good actually, but too dirt biased for my situation. :cry:
    Too post apocalyptic, if I can return to my garage without killing zombies, it's the wrong bike, pre apocalypse.
  • trek_dantrek_dan Posts: 1,366
    If somebody held a gun to my head and said "pick one bike out of the 6 you own and you have to use it forever" it would definitely be my Cyclocross race bike (a canti braked 2010 Scott Addict). I hate disc brakes, especially hydraulics (which answers the through axle point) and makes the point about cross bikes heavier moot as my CX bike is only very very slightly heavier than my best road bike. I'd be reasonably happy only having one set of wheels with semi slick tyres as I really don't find them significantly slower on road and a compact chainset with 11-28 cassette would cover 99% of the riding I do.
  • I'd be looking at a Kinesis Tripster ATR, not carbon but I think for an alrounder this Ti frame would be awesome... ... ipster-ATR
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