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Smart trainer around 400€

estuceltasestuceltas Posts: 2
Hi everyone,

I have decided to buy a smart trainer to get into Zwift this winter. After reading almost every possible post and watching every video in youtube, I still cannot decide. So I figured... why not asking to people who might have some advices.
I am currently doubting between the Elite Rampa, Tacx Bushidoo and Kickr Snap.
Although I am a relative beginner, I like the slope simulation of the Bushidoo, but I also think that Kickr is a better machine overall (and possibly quiter, which is also a good point). Prices are similar now, except for the Rampa, but I read very bad critics about the old Elite generation.

Thanks guys!


  • Zwiftcast episode 12 there's a review of the Elite Rampa and it comes out pretty well.
  • I bought the Kickr Snap yesterday from my LBS for a cracking deal of £480 (came with training mat and cadence sensor). Used last night with zwift and good (quite addictive actually). Highly recommend getting the Kickr Snap.
  • grahamcpgrahamcp Posts: 322
    I'm in the same boat. Also highly indecisive no matter how much I read on the subject.

    Currently leaning towards the Kickr Snap, one of my reasons is the heavier flywheel but not really sure if that makes much difference on a smart trainer - I had previously been hankering after a kinetic RM or RnR and got the impression a bigger flywheel gave a better feel in that momentum is not lost as quickly as it would be with a smaller one.

    OP have you come to a decision yet? :-)
  • The Kickr Snap is generally well regarded so if you're leaning towards that there's no particular reason not to go for it.
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