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Specialized 29er - Wheel and crank upgrade - will these fit?

boxrickboxrick Posts: 38
edited November 2016 in MTB buying advice
I just picked up the following bike off ebay, everything looks really good in general however front crank could do with an upgrade and the wheels are big and heavy.

I have been looking around and was considering buying a Shimano double crank for the front and some slightly better wheels.

However I came across the following on Amazon for £50 and £25 on Amazon warehouse got a bit excited since they seem pretty cheap and purchased in the hope they will work.

(SRAM GX1400)
(Sram Apex Chainset 53/39)

Simply put I would ideally like to use the GX1400, how difficult will this be. Will it be possible to fit on my bike and will I need to upgrade the rear derailleur, cassette and chain to go with this?

Secondly does anyone have any recommendations for some good light 29er wheels to go with this bike, or am I looking at £300-400 to get anything decent?


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