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alexmangsalexmangs Posts: 4
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I´m looking to buy new wheels to my GT helion elite. I have upgraded the fork to a Rockshox Reba and the rear to a Rockshox monarc XX and I´m looking for light and stiff wheels for aggressive XC - riding.

The bike came with WTB st i23 wheels. I have found very little information about these wheels so I find it a bit hard to know what to look for, in terms of upgrades.

Overall the bike feels really good, but could it be even faster rolling and lighter?

Any tips? :)

Regards Alex


  • POAHPOAH Posts: 3,369
    i23 rims are not actually that bad but I suspect your tyres, hub and spokes are budget to keep the cost of the bike down.

    Wheels you buy are down to budget. how much you looking to spend and are they 27.5?
  • Thanks for the reply POAH!

    they are 27,5.

    Like you said, the tyres were bugdet so I changed them to a pair of continental race king. I will look in to the hub and spokes.

    I guess I can´t afford a pair of carbon wheels and my budget is around 500 dollars.

    Might be able to find something during the fall sale.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Guessing from the $ and fall, you are in the US. This is a 99% UK forum, so not many people will know what's available at what price.
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  • Im actually from sweden, but didint realize bikeradar was UK - based. :)
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    I23 are pretty decent rims. Changing spokes and hubs is rarely worthwhile unless you can build wheels yourself. Just keep them until they die.
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