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How do I know max tire width?

Gouldy-89Gouldy-89 Posts: 49
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Looking to put some winter tyres on my bike, currently 23mm "summer" tyres: Shwalbe Lugano 700x23. Something with a bit more grip and maybe wider....?

The rims (Mavic cxp22) state they go up to 28mm, but can't find anything on the frame?

Bike is a forme longcliffe 1.0 of that helps.


  • I'm a newbie too. The wisdom on other threads seems to say, "try it and see"...which doesn't help much!

    You just need enough clearance at the narrowest point, usually between the chaistays. You can measure the clearance you get at the moment, which will give you an idea of how much bigger you can go.

    Oh, and brake callipers also need enough clearance.

    Someone who knows what they're talking about will be along in a bit to give you a definitive answer!
  • Yep: Mike nailed it:

    Fit between the chain stays and weather you can get it past the brake pads. I have a mountain bike that I put a huge tire on. I have plenty of clearence at the chain stays but I need to remove a brake pad to get the inflated tire off. The bike rides very well.
  • Unfortunately there's no real way to standardise, due to variation between manufacturers and models within the standard tyre sizes, and the fact that the inflated profile will vary depending on rim width. If in doubt, typical modern road bikes can quite often accommodate up to 28mm clinchers. Intermediate sizes like 27mm exist for much this reason.
  • Best you can realistically do is either find a friendly shop which will let you experiment or just buy one tyre and try it on the front and back before buying the second one.
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