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Rockshox pike RC setup

DanieljephcottDanieljephcott Posts: 334
edited October 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
Having had my bike for a month now I absolutely love it. Full suspension is just amazing and I've certainly noticed a difference in my times at Cannock.

JBA mentioned on one of my posts that it seems that I'm not using much travel on my front forks, I have the 160mm pike rc. Being a heavy rider around 270lb i do have quite a bit of pressure in my forks and but I do have between 25-30% sag.

Week days I ride canals, bridalways and farmers fields so fairly normal stuff and looking at pictures Of my mucky forks after I am only using around 40-50% of the travel.

Going to Cannock chase on the weekends I seem to be using 70% max and that is with some jumps.

Even though I feel comfortable and love the ride am I missing out on some extra benefits, could the ride feel even better than it already does.

Currently my setup is as follows:

Weight: 278lb but is coming down week by week.
Bottomless tokens: 0
Sag:30% when at the attacking position
Charger clicks: 5
Dampening clicks: from its slowest(turtle) position in 5 clicks back towards the fastest position (hare)

Dropping off this small drop of about 25-30cm I'm getting about 60% travel.


Even though I'm very happy with the setup I keep thinking am I missing out on something even better. Your advice would be great.


  • POAHPOAH Posts: 3,369
    are you sure there are no tokens in it?

    try running it with no clicks of compression
  • JGTRJGTR Posts: 1,404
    I found using sag on my Rebas useless, left the shock far too hard/stiff. I adjusted the pressure and added tokens until I was using all the travel on a ride.

    You could try adding a token and reducing the pressure a bit, this should soften the fork so it's better on small bumps and give you more travel without bottoming out.
  • POAHPOAH Posts: 3,369
    going to have nasty brake dive at more than 30% - I don't use all my travel on every ride.
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    They should have had one token in from new. I would take it out.
  • I checked and it has no tokens in but I have two tokens that came in my pack.

    My concern in reducing the psi is again having more than 30% sag. The shocks feel great and I like the ride I was just wondering if having more of the travel would be better
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Try 35% sag - see how you get on. If the fork seems to dive and bob too much, add some more compression damping.
  • HerdwickHerdwick Posts: 523
    I tried bottomless tokens as well with more sag @35% the problem is that you have less travel range to go through from soft to extreemely harsh ride. Was using all of the travel but when reached near bottom was to harsh and arm pump kicked in
    Now removed the tokes and using 25% sag and it's much better, still using all of the travel with smoother progression.
    5 clicks of LSC is way to much except if you ride super smooth dirt trails, where I ride at 5 clicks LSC my teeth rattle and bones shake like hell
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  • HerdwickHerdwick Posts: 523
    also 5 clicks of rebound from the slowest is to slow for the fork to recover from a medium to big hit, try somewhere in the middle and work it through, I run 8 from fully fast
    “I am a humanist, which means, in part, that I have tried to behave decently without expectations of rewards or punishments after I am dead.”
    ― Kurt Vonnegut
  • Will try less clicks on the charger, this is how the shop set it up and said it was good for Cannock.

    Need a bit of a play around, could do with finding a small run where I can go back up and try again and again with different setups.
  • HerdwickHerdwick Posts: 523
    You do that, there is not a perfect set up, it's up to you how you like your fork to feel
    “I am a humanist, which means, in part, that I have tried to behave decently without expectations of rewards or punishments after I am dead.”
    ― Kurt Vonnegut
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,761
    Session one of the trail sections you are familiar with at Cannock and keep changing settings until it's dialled in. Only make one adjustment at a time though. 'Son of Chainslapper' through to 'The Seven Dwarves' has a bit of everything, doesn't it?
    I suggest you start with both damping and rebound in the middle and then work from there.
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  • I was thinking about sot as it has most things. Just no idea how to get back up lol. Might go have a play mid week as I'm off work :)
  • i had 1.5-2cm of unused travel on my Pikel unless i hit enormous holes in a fast berm, or huck to flat from 1 metre.
    so depends how do you ride. if you don't hit massive holes (2-3 in a row), it's normal you won't use all your travel
    if you decrease the pressure, to use all your travel during 'normal trail riding' - your fork will be far too plush and it will dive in every situation (will make you unstable in berms etc.)
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