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Help me choose between these

timboellistimboellis Posts: 223
edited October 2016 in MTB buying advice
I have narrowed my search down the the following for a 5'2 female rider, they will be using this for fireroads, very stoney/small/sandy rocked roads, muddy and flooded tracks in woodland also a little not much road usage going from track to track.

Not interested in price comparison however these are what i am interested in.

On-One Parkwood SRAM X5 Mountain Bike

Boardman Mountain Bike Team Full Suspension 27.5"

Boardman Mountain Bike Comp 27.5"

VooDoo Bizango 29er

Felt Nine 6 Carbon Mountain Bike

They are currenty using a cannondale trail 7 29er

Any suggestions?


  • well my vote would be for the boardman full sus or the bizango.
    im a boardman owner so im a bit biased
  • I would go with a full susp, have you thought about the voodoo maji? Some store might still have it but it's a great women's full sus. Or the zobop which is great or even the calibre bossnut from go outdoors which is highly rated.
  • doomanicdoomanic Posts: 238
    It's for a girl? Buy the pink one. Simples. ;)
  • Also seen a charge cooker 2 midi , I think we are now planning a 1x11 any other suggestions
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